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A Simple Guide to A Proper Cardarine Dosage- What You Should Know

The complete guide to Cardarine Dosage

Cardarine, also known as GW-501516 or Endurobol, is a compound that was initially created to prevent tumors on the prostate, breast tissue, and colon. However, it became quite popular among competitive athletes due to its ability to increase your metabolism, improve heart health, eliminate body fat, increase muscle growth and stamina, and even reduce recovery time.

In this article, we will explain how the substance works, what the best cardarine dosage is, its potential side effects, and much more. If you are curious about how a dosage can help you, keep on reading.

How Does Cardarine Work?

Cardarine functions in a few ways.

The first method focuses on burning fat. Essentially, Endurobol breaks down fatty acids in your muscles and forces your body to burn existing fat for energy. This is similar to how the starvation mode works, but with this substance, you do not risk your muscle gains.

The sarms also works with muscle recovery. Studies have shown that a cardarine dosage can improve oxygen usage in some of the slower fibers in your muscles. In turn, your training performance and your recovery time will improve.

Lastly, the substance also functions to stimulate your energy production and use.

How Do You Use Cardarine With A Workout?

Like we mentioned, the substance is particularly popular for competitive athletes. More specifically, it is used for bulking up and cutting. That being said, it has to be taken in cycles. However, the dosage depends on where you are on your own cycle.

Ideally, you should take a dosage of 10mg-20mg a day but divided throughout the day. Split the 20mg dosage into two 10mg dosages and take them around three hours before your workout. This way you can experience a more optimal fat loss.

How Long Do You Cycle Cardarine?

You can use cardarine for 12 weeks straight. Afterward, you need to take a 4-6-week break. However, a much safer alternative for beginners is to use cardarine for 6-8 weeks.

As a supplement, you can also add or stack other supplements with it. Other than using cardarine alone, you can also pair it with anabolic steroids. The great thing about this pairing is that dosage can counteract a harsh anabolic steroid. It can also improve lipid health and improve endurance.

You can also pair it with other SARMs like Testolone, Andarine, Ligandrol and Ostarine.

What to Expect

Like we mentioned, the most popular benefit of cardarine is fat loss and improved metabolism. However, it multiple other benefits you can expect, such as:

  • Improved cardiovascular performance
  • Increase in stamina
  • Rapid fat loss
  • May have a positive impact on heart health and blood vessels
  • Can stimulate muscle growth
  • Will not impact your natural hormone system

Overall, it is an extremely effective supplement that can greatly improve your workout routine.

Potential Side Effects

So here is the kicker with cardarine, there is not a lot of published information on GW501516 potential side effects. However, no warnings or no listed side effects does not necessarily mean that it is free of any potential dangers or side effects.

Yes, it has positive effects on obesity, Type II diabetes, and high cholesterol. Moreover, it is non-suppressive and does not block any natural hormonal processes. However, without detailed, long-term research, there is no way we can say this supplement is 100% risk-free.

Now, there are some studies that suggest cardarine can cause cancer. However, this is a huge gray area because some studies have also found that the substance can prevent cancer cell growth on breast tissue, on the colon and on other body tissues.

To figure out which one is more accurate, you have to go back to the original study that discovered cardarine fostered the rapid growth of tumors on animal organs. First of all, this study was performed on mice and not humans. You have to remember that the cardarine dosage for mice is far different than the dosage for a human.

As such, take this information with a grain of salt. However, at the same time, be mindful that cardarine should be taken with caution.

Conclusion on Cardarine Dosage

Cardarine is one of the most popular supplements in the competitive athletic community. Used properly, this supplement can greatly improve your metabolism, recovery time, and maximize your gains.

However, as much as we know about the benefits of the substance, it is important to remember that we only know so much about its risks. Many of the studies we have about this sarm are based primarily on animal studies and word of mouth. That being said, always take care of cardarine.

If you are looking to purchase it for yourself, just be mindful of fake products online. Always try to purchase the substance from a legitimate vendor and places that sell the highest quality SARMsOtherwise, cardarine is a great supplement if taken in the right dosages and cycles.

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